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Protection for lay-flat hoses and hose components

BFI Fire offers accessories for every type of lay flat hose reel – suitable for any environment. And because our stock list is so extensive, we can supply them quickly – even at short notice.

It’s all part of our end-to-end service. Everything you need. One point of contact.

Support for every BFI Fire product and accessory

BFI Fire stocks a full range of brackets, cabinets and other accessories for all types of lay-flat hose reels.

But that’s not why you should choose us as your hose accessory supplier.

Choose us because we’ll continue to assist you – long after the sale. Choose us because we’ll dispatch your order the same day. Choose us as your one point of contact for everything you need – from hose reel accessories to spare parts.

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  • Hose storage
  • Hose protection
  • Standard and non-standard options


Protect lay-flat hoses and extend their life cycle with BFI Fire lay-flat hose cabinets.

Shield hoses from the elements. Prevent vandalism. Limit hose access to firefighting use. Our cabinets offer sturdy, secure and safe lay-flat hose storage.

Blanking caps


  • Attaches to fittings, adaptors or hydrants
  • Protects threads or connections
  • Options for all firefighting threads and connections
  • Available in different high-quality materials


Prevent leaks and component damage when connecting lay-flat hoses to other equipment. They protect threads and connections, reducing the need for costly repairs or replacement.

With brass, aluminium and plastic options available, we have options to suit your exact needs and budget.

Breeching pieces


  • Options for all firefighting threads and connections
  • Available in different high quality materials
  • Controlled and uncontrolled units


Direct water from two hoses to a single outlet. Or the other way around. Our stock list includes a range of high-quality controlled and uncontrolled units.



  • For use in service workshops or on work sites
  • Ideal where hoses are unrolled and rerolled often
  • Mild steel painted construction
  • Available with or without stand


BFI hose rollers enable lay-flat hoses to be tightly rolled after firefighting use or testing. They’re ideal for service workshops or on sites where hoses are unrolled and rerolled often.

Our hose reels take the strain out of manual rolling. They bring the height of the hose to a comfortable level – removing the need for bending and kneeling.



  • Suitable wherever lay-flat hoses need to be stored
  • Wall or cabinet mount
  • Mild steel painted construction
  • Available to suit 1 x 64mm hose or 2 x 38mm hose


BFI Fire hose cradles allow storage of hoses in a wall or cabinet-mounted position. They offer up to a 180 degree pivot for easy access.

They’re designed to suit both wall and cabinet-mounting requirements. And they’re designed to combine efficient space usage with rapid hose access; hoses can be packed away tightly – but they can be quickly deployed when time is of the essence.

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Founded in 1949, BFI Fire leads the market in fire protection and prevention solutions. That long history didn't happen by accident. It's all thanks to our end-to-end customer-first focus. Because we see our customers as our partners. We provide genuine solutions to problems by understanding businesses – rather than just selling you the products we want to push. It means one point of contact to ensure you get the best out of our products. That includes everything from accessories to spare parts.
BFI Fire carries one of the largest fire protection and prevention stock lists in Australia. We have the products and components to meet every building code and every state requirement. Because stock levels are always high, your order is dispatched almost immediately. And we stock a complete range of spares for all of our products. So we'll help you keep your operation running – with no waiting around for parts to come in.
Our products hold quality and safety approvals from respected third parties. Recognised names like SAI Global, NATA, ACMA and Vipac Engineering. It means you don't have to take our commitment to quality at face value. Because it's endorsed by well-regarded and unbiased industry bodies. We also offer generous warranties on all products. Because we don't expect you to back a supplier who won't back themselves. Together with our own strict quality and safety checks, it means you can have total confidence in our products.
BFI Fire offers comprehensive after-sales support on all products. You can talk directly to whoever you need to. Even our General Manager. Whatever you need, our knowledgable experts are always available – before, during and after sale. We also offer extensive product resources – like technical drawings and safety data sheets. It's all part of our end-to-end service. Everything you need. One point of contact.


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