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Replacement nozzles and branchpipes for all fire and layflat hose reels

Uses and applications

  • Replacement nozzles and branchpipes for hoses

Nozzle and branchpipe features

  • Options to fit every hose
  • Crafted from high-quality materials – brass, aluminium and plastic
  • Same day dispatch available
Fire hose reel nozzle

Our nozzle and branchpipe range

With different formats available for every hose type, BFI Fire nozzles and branchpipes can be fitted quickly and easily – removing the need to replace entire units.

Replacement fire hose reel nozzles

Available in 19mm and 25mm.

Includes HRS039A/HRS039B/WNT/HRN19BV/HRAS039Q/HRS050A/HRS050B/HRS032A.

Jet spray nozzles

Available in plastic, aluminium and brass in 25mm and 40mm.

Controlled jet/spray branchpipes (50mm)

Includes AWG-BR60324433/KX07-003-50/HS10-50.

Pistol grip jet/spray nozzles

Includes BLUEDEV-1560/BLUEDEV-3012/BLUEDEV- 7515/VIPER1560-025/VIPER7515-038/VIPER9520-065.

Fixed brass and copper jet branchpipes

Available in 40mm, 50mm and 65mm in BSP and FBT format. Includes JSN-022/KX07-003-50/KX07-003/ KX07-092-00.

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More Information

BFI Fire nozzles and branchpipes are available for all hose types. They’re specially designed to be fitted quickly and easily to existing units – saving on whole-unit replacement costs.

Our replacement branchpipes and nozzles come in a wide range of sizes and formats. They’re crafted from high-quality materials – like brass, aluminium and plastic.

Our large stock means your parts can be dispatched the same day you order. And every nozzle and branchpipe comes with our 12-month warranty for added peace-of-mind.


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