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Protect your workers, passengers and business with our fire suppression systems for trains

Diesel fuel leaks or oil residue on hot surfaces. Overheating of electric train motors. Short circuiting of electric contacts. All these things and more can cause destructive and dangerous train fires.

Your best defence against fires on trains is a reliable and effective train fire suppression systems. That’s where we at BFI Fire come in. We’ll get you and your trains fire ready.

Benefits of BFI fire suppression systems

  • Automatically detects and suppresses fires
  • Applies directly to your engine
  • Easy and flexible installation
  • Tested to SP Method 4912
  • Meets Australian Standard 5062-200

Common applications

  • Metro trains
  • Regional trains
  • Trams
  • Freight trains
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How our fire suppression systems for trains work

Our train fire suppression systems feature a flexible sensor tubing which is installed directly above and around your engine, close to where a fire is most likely to occur.

The tubing is pressurised with dry nitrogen. The dynamics of pressurisation make the tubing more reactive to heat. If a fire starts, its heat causes the pressurised sensor to burst at the hottest spot (approx. 170°C).

The sudden tube depressurisation actuates a special pressure differential valve and instantly floods the entire compartment with FireDETEC T555 ea extinguishing agent which suppresses the fire in seconds.

What makes BFI suppression systems different?

Proven effectiveness. Our fire suppression systems for trains are tested against 5 sources in 11 fire scenarios, using full-scale engine mock-ups, to ensure strength and reliability in all conditions.

Tailored for your needs. We customise each of our systems to match the individual needs of the client. So you get train fire suppression systems that are right for you and your operation.

Approved to Australian Standards. Every one of our fire suppression systems for trains meets Australian Standards 5062-200 Australia fire protection for mobile and transportable equipment.

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